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Plastic mold sand blasting machine features and scope of application

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Plastic mold sand blasting machine

Professional removal of rust in the mold of residual glue, do not hurt the mold itself, rust can be removed

Adaptive range:

Plating: pretreatment before sandblasting to improve surface adhesion

Cleaning: casting parts, stamping parts, heat treatment parts, descaling, derusting, old material renovation.

Polishing and Matt: all metal products, glass, plastic, handicrafts, jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches and other workpieces surface treatment

Scope of application: it is suitable for rapid sand blasting of a large number of small and medium general workpiece and high hardness workpiece. Such as engine parts, valves, heat treatment workpieces, etc.. It has the advantages of novel design, scientific and reasonable structure, easy operation, superior processing performance, quick sand blasting and deep impact point.

Mechanical characteristics:

1. This machine is a special machine designed for mould or large heavy shaped workpieces.

2, can be installed mobile car and dials, operation will only be placed on the workpiece trolley turntable, and then push the machine to engage in blasting operations, is very simple and labor-saving, can add the timing heater to prevent damp glass beads.

3, customers can provide the workpiece size, weight, shape customized turntable rotating 360 degrees, you can install electric speed turntable, speed up processing, easier to control sandblasting quality. The cylinder can be used to open the door and facilitate the entry and exit of the workpiece.

4. The window is made of toughened glass, and there is a layer of ordinary glass on the inner surface. It is very convenient and quick to change, and the sight is very clear.

6 、 the machine uses powder baking paint to achieve beautiful and durable use requirements.

7, the use of sand materials: alumina sand (Gang Yusha), silicon carbide (green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide), glass beads, walnut sand, resin sand, plastic particles (nylon sand), Tao Cizhu and so on.

8, special rail trolley design, can be placed on the heavy workpiece turntable turntable, bearings used in Japan NSK series.

9, according to customer requirements, strengthen the trolley turntable, choose manual or automatic turntable.

10, mainly for the more heavy pieces of sand blasting, such as mold, tree head, stone carving, rim, heavy pressure mold and other large pieces of sand blasting.