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What should plastics pay attention to when they are surface treated?

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What should plastics pay attention to when they are surface treated?

Plastic has been very widely used in construction, such as structure, sheet, pipe, all kinds of flooring materials, all kinds of decorative material, high bonding strength for these plastic in binding, often on the surface of the treatment, in the treatment should pay attention to the following aspects.

Understand the kinds of plastics and their surface properties. The plastic variety, because of its different categories and method to process and make the surface with performance differences, such as surface cleanliness, sometimes processing with the release agent, while the surface on its attachment, treatment should be noticed; and if the plastic surface has different surface energy, low surface power (such as polyester) the application of special methods, high surface power (such as general thermosetting plastics) can use the general method; the difference between plastic but also because of the different structures and polarity and crystalline and non crystalline, low polarity (or non polarity) and crystalline plastics (such as polypropylene), should be treated with special method, very high and non crystalline plastics can be used in general method; and finally the "weak boundary layer" problem, some plastic surface has some weak interface layer should be removed or modified in surface treatment, whether or not However, the adhesive failure will occur at this level and the strength is not high.

If the solvent is used to clean, pay attention to whether the solvent dissolves the surface. Dissolution will destroy the whole strength or cause surface defects, so it should be investigated. Especially in large area bonding (such as can not use acetone scrub polystyrene, organic glass) if for no special requirements (not optical, decorative plastic bonding), appropriate swelling is conducive to bonding, so attention should be paid to the solubility.

When using chemical or other modified treatment methods, we should have previous experience, otherwise, we should get the correct results after the experiment, and then go on, and compare the best methods.

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