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What is an automobile mould?

release time:2017-11-09 | Article Source:

  The most important component of automobile dies is the panel dies. This kind of mould is mainly cold die. "Car dies" in broad sense is the general term for the manufacture of all parts of automobiles. For example, stamping die, injection mold, forging mold, casting mold, glass etc..


  The car body stamping is divided into covering parts, stamping parts and general frame. The stamping parts which can clearly represent the characteristics of the automobile image are the automobile panels. Therefore, the more specific automobile mould can be said to be "automobile panel stamping die. Stamping dies for automotive panels. For example, the front door outer panel trimming die, the front door inner plate punching die, etc..


  Of course, there is not only stamping parts on the car body. All the stamping dies on the car are called "automobile stamping dies"". Sum up:


  1. automobile mould is a general term for manufacturing all parts of the automobile.


  2. automotive stamping die is to punch all the stamping parts of the car mold.


  3. car body stamping die is to punch all stamping parts on the car body.


  4. stamping die for automobile panel is a die for punching all covering parts on automobile body.


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