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What are the processing skills of automotive plastic molds?

release time:2017-11-21 | Article Source:

  1、 automobile plastic mold processing skills


  The car needs to have the different parts of the mold processing of different kinds, such as hood, radiator cover and wall panel, the tank cover, these parts need to be processed in a plane and relative cover mold said, in the process, as long as the good symmetry side program can process the opposite; the asymmetric mold, such as door on the inner side coaming plate or other components, so the component shape is generally relatively flat, its shape is relatively complex, with a deep need to mold cavity. Select disk milling cutter or rod milling cutter blade can be manufactured automobile plastic mold, mold processing using this kind of tool is able to feed, cutting depth and large layout, processing the machine tool should have good rigidity, can use BT50 to handle, the speed should be above 6000 r/min for good, not less than 30 kW power machine spindle; symmetric closed type mould is mainly used in the production of closure, the two parts can be combined and separated, and can be used as components of semi closed, it is relative to a plane of symmetry, such as wheel cover and hinge is used as the mold; some the car panel is having a flange surface, like the door inner panel, the flange surface can use as binder, the binder in the process necessary to control the flatness, usually flatness Should be kept below 0.05 mm.



  2、automotive plastic mold processing automobile cover mold cutting tool requirements


  Tool requirements for tool runout in automotive plastic mold processing


  As the cover member of the car, is relatively high for the machining quality of the surface grinding process of general requirements, but also in time after processing, in order to save the processing time of this part, reduce the manufacturing period of products, in the choice of the tool, should pay attention to minimize the radial runout, for example beating 2 times diameter detection tool, the value should be between 0.0025 ~ 0.005 mm. This can not only guarantee the quality, shorten the processing time, but also reduce the loss of the tool in use.