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Disadvantages of hot runner system applications

release time:2017-09-01 | Article Source:

We have the advantages of hot runner system, as we all know that everything has two sides, yes, now we have to say that the application of hot runner system deficiencies, the following is divided into four points:

(1) thermal expansion and thermal expansion and cold contraction are the problems that should be considered in our design.

(2) the overall die closing height increases; because of the installation of hot runner plate, the overall height of the mold has increased.

(3) the cost of mould manufacturing increases, and the price of standard parts of hot runner system is higher, which affects the popularity of hot runner mold.

(4) the heat radiation is difficult to control, and the biggest problem of hot runner is the heat loss of the runner. It is a major problem that needs to be solved.

Hopefully these can also be used as a reference for friends who choose hot runner systems.