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The principle of high light indentation injection

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  1、the mold molding for the temperature requirements is higher (generally 90 -130 degrees C), after the injection into the injection of cooling water, make the mold temperature to 60-70 degrees. It is beneficial to eliminate the defects of the weld line, the flow mark and the internal stress of the product at the higher mould temperature. Therefore, the mold needs to be heated in the work. In order to prevent the heat loss, the heat insulation board is usually added to the die side.


  2、 the surface of the cavity is extremely bright (generally 2 or higher). The products produced by the high light mold can be used directly for assembly (assembly) without any surface treatment. Therefore, it has high requirements for die steel and plastic material.


  3、 the hot nozzle of hot runner system is more. Every hot nozzle must be sealed with needle and has independent air passage. It can be controlled by solenoid valve and time relay separately, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling and even eliminating weld line by time sharing, and the control mode is complex.


  4、 the mode of heating is usually heated by steam and high temperature. Steam (hot water temperature) heating method is to die in the process of injection molding of steam input through the temperature control machine specific (high temperature hot water), so that the die rapid heating; with cold water cooling mold in injection molding is finished, the die rapid drop (figure for high light hot molding mold temperature control machine)